Octav Paul first got influenced by electronic music in 2002, when listening became more than hearing for him. He started to discover music in a production wise way, and he got more and more attracted to how records were made. He then started to learn by himself some music production softwares and started to make his own original beats and melodies.

After a while, he understood that the music he makes must be heard by the people and what other place better for that than a club where he got his first residency and most of all he got a place where he can play the music he was creating.

This led him to a more in depth production awareness and he started to evolve in creating music records.


2007 – “Hey!” EP incl. “Hey!”, “Moody Nights”, “City Lights” and “Visiting Bucharest” – Digital –

2007 – “Night Shift” EP incl. “Fast Nights”, “Hijackin Trains”, “What is what”, “Visiting Bucharest (5AM Edit)” – Digital –

“Fast Nights” got 3rd place on Pete Tong’s Fast Trax Bedroom Bedlam Contest in November 17th 2008, a remark that got him out of the nest as a Dj and as a Producer.

2010 – “Fast Nights 2010” Single – Digital – Dimpleman Records

2011 – “Veni Vara” Single – Digital – Smart Phenomena Records

2011 – “Symboliq” Single – Digital – Dot One Records

and several remixes incl. “Olivian Nour – Boracay (Octav Paul Remix)”, “Stewart McCarthy – Lucky no 7 (Octav Paul Remix)” and others available on all digital stores (

Because he is always experimenting, you will always be surprised by his sound, and he will always make it an original music experience for all of you good music lovers…

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Labels: Dot One Records, Minimo Records, Rezongar Records, Sa Trincha Records, Smart Phenomena Records, Dimpleman Records, Solardish Records, Tzinah Records, Baccara, MusicArena